Utatuzi Center Is The Global Winner Of #legaltechhacks Smart Contracts Hackathon

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Utatuzi Center Is The Global Winner Of #legaltechhacks Smart Contracts Hackathon
The continued inventions in computation technology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are critical in the attainment of a more sustainable world for all humanity through the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Utatuzi Center ( UC ) is committed to ensuring there is peace, access to justice by all and strong institutions; reducing the various inequalities; inspiring different industries and infrastructure innovations and development for a better world through its various technological inventions. Utatuzi Centre has put together a one-of-a-kind innovative Smart Contract Solution to help aid Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.
We are quite delighted to have participated in Fortes Smarts Contracts Hackathon, organized by the London Blockchain Foundation (LBCF) in partnership with Forte Markets & Curatix. The Hackathon was sponsored by reputable global institutions, with the judges being eminent justice and technological experts globally.
Utatuzi Center emerged the best team among all the global participants through its private ethereum based smarts contract blockchain that will ensure that all persons' access to justice is flawless, cost-effective, confidential, and impenetrable.
We remain grateful for all successes that we have continued accumulating and the immense global support and recognition by various justice and technological players.
A big shout to our Managing Partner Mr. Muiruri Wanyoike for the outstanding stewardship and teamwork that he has continued manifesting, making Utatuzi Center a global brand. He is also the in-house ICT and Programming expert. Surprisingly, the skills are self-trained, a manifestation that there is no limitation to success.
Thank you to all of you who have continued supporting us in our various ventures and activities. Blessings!