Uc Launches Its State Of Art In-built Video Conferencing Platform

  • Utatuzi Center
Uc Launches Its State Of Art In-built Video Conferencing Platform

Undoubtedly, technology is the buzzword of the modern world. Virtually all spheres of human life have been revolutionized through the continued technological innovations.

It is, therefore, critical for any business or individual to be strategically positioned in terms of creative and efficient technological tools that will advance their business' ideas and goals. Fortunately, the technology arena is infinite with a lot of opportunities for any innovator.

At Utatuzi Center (UC), we are committed to continuously innovating and developing tools that will position us as the leading global Alternative Disputes Resolution ( ADR) platform for businesses and small and medium enterprises ( SMEs).

As a casing point, we recently launched a modern state of art Video Conferencing Platform that will help our ADR professionals (Arbitrators, Conciliators, and Mediators ) and clients to meet virtually. The video platform was created in the wake of  COVID-19 which has brought the concept of physical one-on-one meetings to a halt. Accordingly,  people were forced to rely on virtual means to conduct their meetings.

In the dispute resolution arena, whether in the court system or the traditional  ADR, especially in Kenya, the average Video Conferencing Solutions fail to meet the user needs. This was a wake-up call for Utatuzi Center which relies on online dispute resolution (ODR) to develop a video platform that was simple and user-friendly for everyone. Especially for the people lacking proficiency in technology. In fact, the majority of people would get lost somewhere between installing Zoom and logging into a meeting. Therefore, derailing access to a  justice platform where half the users can’t figure out how to access it.

Our platform  https://lnkd.in/gV9u_kV has three simple steps: 1. A host (in our case arbitrator or mediator)  who starts a meeting using their particular username and password; 2. The host sends out a link and password to all relevant parties; and 3. The relevant parties join the meeting by entering the password. No downloads, no installations, no signups or account creation, and no complicated steps. Since everything works on the browser, any internet-enabled device will work with our platform. With 84% of Kenyans having a smartphone, we can guarantee access to our platform for the ADR processes.

If you are an ADR Professional on our platform, you are welcome to try it out. If you are not part of UC and want to try it out, inbox me or email me at muiruri@utatuzicenter.com. At the beginning of this week, we held our inaugural meeting with our panel of eminent ADR professionals through our platform. The experience was terrific and flawless. A record of over 60 professionals smoothingly interacted as indicated in the following screenshot.

UC remains the preemptive and proactive dispute resolution platform