Khalid Abdille Nurie

Dispute Resolution Professional - Utatuzi Center
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khalid abdille nurie

I am certified professional mediator, trained and certified by mediation training institute in February 2019, i am also a member of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC). Currently, I do private mediation and i also do court annexed mediation after being accredited by mediation accreditation committee. My duties and responsibilities include but not limited to -; 1. Facilitating communication between two opposing parties in a dispute to help guide them to a mutual agreement 2. Holding introductory meetings with disputing parties to educate them about the mediation process 3. Interviewing witnesses, disputing parties, and other parties and examining documents as needed to get information about the dispute at hand 4. Handling procedural matters in an ADR, including time requirements and witnesses needed 5. Drafting of the mediation agreement if any

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