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General Questions

Our solution is simple, "pre-emptive, pro-active dispute resolution". Utatuzi Center provides convenient, cost effective, confidential and accessible Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms at the click of a button. We use technology to fundamentally re-engineer the dispute resolution process, delivering justice in new ways.

Our platform is online and API enabled connected to a businesses back-end, where disputes are allocated promptly to experienced dispute resolution professionals and can be actively tracked by the client. We use a mediation-arbitration strategy which adopts a collaborative approach towards safeguarding business relationships.

Yes. Upon signing with us we will provide you with our Dispute Resolution Clause which you will incorporate in your contract. This will ensure that Utatuzi Center will take charge of the resolution process.

No. We are not a law firm. We are a technology backed platform that seeks to provide expeditious dispute resolution for companies.

We are an online web-based platform that connects businesses with the most experienced, resourceful, and competent dispute resolution professionals (i.e., Mediators and Arbitrators). This ensures that your disputes are handled professionally, expeditiously, cost-effective, privately and confidentially manner. This prevents you from experiencing the lengthy, highly procedural, highly technical and quite expensive court system.

Alternative dispute resolution ensures that dispute is dealt with in a thorough, confidential manner, and parties are satisfied with the arbitral award saving you time, resources, and negative publicity. This has also been encouraged under Article 159 (2) (c) of the Constitution of Kenya (2010), the Arbitration Act (1995) and the Civil Procedure Act and Rules (2010).

Section 35 of the Arbitration Act No. 4 of 1995 provides that an arbitral award is final and can only be set aside by the High Court if the Court is satisfied that the process was flawed as outlined in section 35 ( 2). Accordingly, where the arbitration process is done with strict obedience to the Act, the arbitral award is final.

Utatuzi Center currently offers B2B services. Accordingly, our services are available to small, medium and large enterprises in all industry sectors.

To access our services you need to just need to register at and provide your company details. We onboard you within a couple of hours and your disputes will be covered.

Once you are signed up to the site, our team will avail you with a breakdown of costs that are calculated based on your company’s core business, your period of existence, the frequency of disputes, and the subject value of the disputes arising. The mode of payment shall be discussed once the fees are agreed upon.

No. Utatuzi Center does not offer a guarantee on the outcome of the dispute. The arbitrator or mediator will have complete autonomy in the dispute handling. Utatuzi Center only provides the Platform and, in no way has an interest in the outcome of the dispute. However, our highly experienced, skilled and competent ADR professionals will handle your dispute with utmost competence and diligence, resulting in a fair and just outcome.

Once you are registered onto our platform, you will be availed of an account where you will be able to keep track of the resolution of your disputes by one of the professionals. Any grievances as to the process may be addressed to Utatuzi Center. Additionally, we will sign a contract with you signifying our commitment towards the provision of quality and timely services.

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