Timothy K. Njenga

Dispute Resolution Professional - Utatuzi Center
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Timothy K. Njenga

I am a trained Arbitrator holding the rank of Fellow in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb.). I have handled commercial, contractual, and land disputes in my career as an Arbitrator and have published awards in the disputes which I have handled. I am competent to handle all disputes which are arbitrable. I have been appointed as Arbitrator by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators to handle several disputes. I have been mentored in my arbitration career by Dr. Kariuki Muigua, a Chartered Arbitrator and the current Africa Region Trustee in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Hqs). I am an efficient dispute resolution practitioner and I employ and urge parties to embrace procedures that save on time so that a dispute is handled expeditiously and cost-effectively.

I am also a Certified Professional Mediator (CPM) trained at the Mediation Training Institute (MTI). I am accredited by the Mediation Accreditation Committee (MAC) to handle disputes arising from court cases and which can be mediated. I have mediated numerous disputes under the auspices of Court Annexed Mediation. I am competent to mediate commercial, contractual, family, child maintenance, insurance, employment, and land disputes.

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