Uc Partners With Strathmore University Law Clinic To Advance Access To Justice

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Uc Partners With Strathmore University Law Clinic To Advance Access To Justice

The Utatuzi Center (UC) is thrilled to work with Strathmore Law Clinic, a student-led organization by the law students for championing access to justice by all persons.  The partnership will help the law students to learn more about Online Dispute Resolution and explore the fields of Legal Technology and Innovations.

At Utatuzi Centre, we acknowledge how litigation may raise multiple facets of inconvenience for small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, we mitigate this by offering tech-powered  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms through our own digital platform. This platform connects the various conflicted parties to a panel of highly skilled and experienced  Dispute Resolution practitioners that assist the parties in solving their problems expeditiously, cost-effectively, and confidentially. The end product is the retention of mutual relations between the parties. 

From the beginning of this year, the Centre has been training the clinicians on conducting Online Dispute Resolution, specifically mediation. This will, in turn, help the clinicians put the skills gained into practice by assisting the trained professionals at Utatuzi Centre during real-life mediation sessions.

At Utatuzi Center, we continue  creating  sustainable avenues for access to justice through practicality, innovation and co-operation with different justice players with the sole aim of;  advancing people-centered justice by creating awareness and enabling meaningful participation of individuals in the justice system.