Be A Mediator From Your Home Or Office

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Be A  Mediator From Your Home Or Office
The field of dispute resolution remains one of the most fertile and unexploited areas for professional growth and substantial economic returns. The reason being the fact that disputes are inherent to us, human beings, due to our interactive social nature. Therefore, disputes will automatically arise in our different interactions necessitating the need for professional guidance and resolution.

As such, anyone trained as a conciliator, mediator, or arbitrator has a higher standing when resolving disputes. In this spirit, the Utatuzi Center and Suluhu Mediation Center have partnered to train professional mediators who are up for 21-century dispute resolution.

Our goal is to have holistic mediators with in-depth skills and knowledge of science, philosophy, and the appropriate skills for resolving the modern world disputes in a time where ICT is the buzzword.

Beyond training, the successful candidates will be accredited and ready to jumpstart their mediations either at Utatuzi Center or our partners, such as The Judiciary Court Annexed Secretariat and the Tatua Center.

You cannot miss this one-time opportunity of becoming a professional dispute resolver where the modules are limited to only your choice, and the fees have been significantly discounted in the spirit of CSR.

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